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Enter your account password (optionally, you can save your password) and then click the OK button. You'll either need to specifically move the message to your "Deleted Items" (or similarly named) folder or find if your client can purge those deleted items when you quit. In addition to Gmail, I use an Exchange account for school. Entourage will create a new blank Rules file. get redirected here

All new mail and all replies should then becoming from your brookskraft.com address. Should I set up all these folders again as Google tabs and then copy the local content into those so all content is always at my fingertips regardless of the device To eliminate the double tree structure enter [Gmail] with the brackets into the Root folder: field. katy May 21, 2008 at 11:03 pm I resolved the problem (above) with entourage by deleting all the rules I had in the system.

Entourage Error 17099

Also, double-check spelling. I know if I leave this unchecked I will end up sending email to people using my gmail name and not my domain name. Letting hundreds of spam email build up over several days makes this much more difficult to sift through. I checked rules, etc and there is nothing weird.

It has easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for everything from how to... He has written or co-written seven books in the Dummies series including iMac For Dummies and Macs For Dummies. If you have access to an Outlook client on Windows you could probably set up some server-side rules (something Entourage can't do) to automatically forward, redirect or BCC messages to your Error 3260 Itunes IMAP's difference is its ability to let the user read and sort his mail on the server and synchronize his changes with several computers.

That way, others are able to benefit from your questions and the answers that you receive. Entourage Error 3210 The problem is it has been totally deleted off my Gmail account - no trace of it anywhere. That means: Messages read on any computer will appear as read on the other computers Mail folders created on any computer will synchronize to the other computers Messages moved and sorted https://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg18901.html I suggest disabling POP to avoid potentially downloading and deleting messages on one computer and synchronizing those changes to the rest of your computers and devices.

When I re-set the "move deleted messages to" folder, the messages automatically go to those folders. I guess I rushed through the second email account setup, thanks again for the quick feed back. Carefully check your contact information for extra spaces in the E-mail addresses and also check your Tools -> Junk E-mail Protection… settings. Same thing is happening with messages that he SENDS using Gmail IMAP (from Entourage) appear in the Gmail IMAP sent folder momentarily, but then get a red "X" and slash through

Entourage Error 3210

Then set your Entourage preferences (under Reply & Forward) to "Reply using the default account". http://www.officeformachelp.com/2007/11/connect_entourage_2004_to_gmails_imap_service/ Rules set up to automatically send emails to their proper folder (from my old POP accounts which I've replaced with IMAP versions. Entourage Error 17099 Nora February 2, 2008 at 5:50 pm Thanks! "Repair Message List" did the trick. 🙂 adam February 4, 2008 at 8:55 am Hi: When I set up Gmail IMAP with Entourage Authentication Failed Because Entourage Doesn't Support Any Of The Available Authentication Methods. Many thanks, Brooks Jon April 25, 2008 at 10:37 am William, I have my work email, which is not an IMAP, forwarded into a Gmail account and am using Entourage 2008.

Check back in a day or two. Get More Info I can't make the stupid thing go away for the life of me! during send and receive i get the following error message: -3176 "Entrourage cannot find the server. He also has this problem in POP. Entourage Not Receiving Email Mac

This was the problem. "when my gmail/entourage tries to send mail and says "connecting securely to smtp.gmail.com" it cannot establish a connection and send out my mail, and then error 111 Check Tools -> Mailing List Rules and delete or disable anything that looks suspicious. LÀs hela recensionenUtvalda sidorSidan 3Sidan 2Sidan xxTitelsidaInnehÄllInnehÄllGeneral Mac Applications 32 Mac Media Applications 47 Mac Productivity Applications 58 How Do I Perform Everyday 64 How Do I Transfer Email Contacts 100 http://deepfrom.com/entourage-error/entourage-message-error.html I've been opened up to the wonders of imap.

BTW, everything else on this page is awesome. or why on bottom left of status bar, it reads "19485 items displayed, one selected, (account name)/[gmail]/spam" when my spam folder is not selected? How large is your Inbox?

Other factors could come into play on the speed.

When I delete items such as spam, I select it, hit the Delete key and I briefly see them marked for deletion (red X and strike-through) and then they disappear. Everything you have suggested has worked great except.. It preserved all the headers and times. Shahryar, I have the same question and problem as you.

I don't care whether it's POP or IMAP, I just want the emails in Entourage. Ian, no idea what's happening with your messages being flagged as spam. I have a mac for my wife and I both and I setup her email and mine with no problems, however, she has a work email with gmail too so I http://deepfrom.com/entourage-error/entourage-error-message-18597.html For some of the issues I've been reading about above, perhaps some of them can be addressed with the recommended client settings from gmail?

I'll post my results later - anyone else have any thoughts or suggestions? Shahryar December 30, 2007 at 11:06 am Hey guys, in response to our earlier problems about maintaining the dates when moving files off of the local POP to GMAIL… I'm not Of course, if you're worried that the spam filter may actually give a false positive and move legitimate mail to the Trash then I wouldn't suggest this. and then have your REAL gmail account set to just pull email off of that account via pop.

PR December 27, 2007 at 11:34 am Re Scott's post on Nov 21 - when you said you "set gmail to pull down mail" from your .mac account, what do you I have not had this problem on my iPhone and we have the exact same settings in Entourage, GMail, and the iPhone. It's really displaying information about multiple items, not just one. Most likely, you've accidentally set a MLM rule.

I guess I don't quite understand where the "root folder" resides. I have mine set to Low with no Safe Domains and no Blocked Senders and my spam is practically nothing.