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Do I count up or down? This error message can occur due to a poor connection. But I think Maxtor has learned on that, as I have used at least three different 160GB models now, and they all report the exact same # of sectors. If the 3ware RAID controller can not commit the data to the media after it has acknowledged to the host, this AEN is posted to the user.

For redundant units, this typically means that dynamic sector repair has been invoked (see message 0023 Sector repair completed). Action: If applicable, replace the failed power supply. All rights reserved. If you are able to restore the unit before any data has been written to the unit, a rebuild will not be necessary. http://serverfault.com/questions/332935/what-does-3wares-tw-cli-mean-by-a-degraded-disk-vs-ecc-error

3ware Ecc Error Rebuild

This will return the unit to its normal redundant state. 000E Initialize failed Event Type: Error Cause: The 3ware RAID controller was unable to complete the initialization. TIME: Sat May 31 09:27:13 2003 MESSAGE: Drive sector ECC error corrected on port 1 on controller ID:0. The user may wish to replace the drive, especially if the number of sector repair errors exceeds 3 per month. 024h Sbuf memory test failed The 3ware RAID controller, as part The Battery Backup Unit becomes not ready and is unable to backup the 3ware RAID controller. 05Eh Cache synchronization completed If drive insertion causes unit to become operational this will be

Failed Powermax with a SMART error. However, if the temperature is very cold, condensation can occur and cause media errors and damage. The unclean shutdown detection will detect this case and force the array to enter the rebuilding state. Hard Drive Ecc Error To continue recovery you have to ignore the ECC-ERROR and tell the controller to rebuild the DEGRADED disk by the following command.

Take steps to bring the operating environment back within the enclosure manufacturer’s specifications. There is a power supply in the enclosure, but it is not of a known type. Most of my failures have been the 60 and 80 GB ones made between June 2000 and June 2001. http://blog.coffeebeans.at/archives/40 This can occur if a unit that was present before the power failure was physically removed or became inoperable before system power was restored. 050h Battery capacity test completed This AEN

I've run RAID 5 for years and never had a rebuild fail. Tw_cli Ignoreecc If the capacity of the array did not change, then you don't need to do anything else. An insufficient number of operating fans may lead to overheating of the components in the enclosure. 8003 Enclosure fan added Event Type: Information Cause: Applies only to the 9690SA controller. Alas, it has not happened.

Ecc Error 3ware 9650

See your enclosure documentation or contact your enclosure manufacturer for more details. 8000 Enclosure fan normal Event Type: Information Cause: Applies only to the 9690SA controller. visit Related Topics Enabling and Disabling the Unit Write Cache Working with Read Cache Settings Enabling or Disabling Auto Verify for a Unit Enabling and Disabling Queuing for a Unit Setting the 3ware Ecc Error Rebuild Action: Reseat the fan. 3ware Degraded Drive It is also recommended to use an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to prevent unclean shutdowns due to sudden power loss. 0009 Drive timeout detected Event Type: Error Cause: A drive has

ZFS does not currently detect any errors. Is the NHS wrong about passwords? So you have your data on a disk with status ECC-ERROR and a new disk with status DEGRADED which stopped recovery. For non-redundant units (Single Disk, RAID 0 and degraded units), which do not have another copy of the data, drive ECC errors result in the 3ware RAID controller returning failed status Tw_cli Start Rebuild

Auslesen der SMART Werte. Continued operation of the enclosure at high temperatures may lead to data loss and operational failure. 8025 Enclosure temp removed Event Type: Warning Cause: Applies only to the 9690SA controller. The earlier revisions report too small by the 3Ware card to just drop in. At six terabytes you can compare a resilver operation to a game of Russian roulette with one bullet and six chambers and you have to pull the trigger three times.

That is key. Tw_cli Cheat Sheet After detection of the drives, the 3ware RAID controller then uses an internal algorithm to logically connect drives that belong to the same array. Help Posted on 2009-05-04 Linux Storage Hardware Disaster Recovery 1 Verified Solution 3 Comments 4,392 Views Last Modified: 2012-06-27 I had a drive fail on my server.

This AEN is posted when the cache synchronization was skipped and write data is still being backed up in the controller cache.

The other ebay drive arrived. Action: If you want the verification to resume, you can disable or modify the schedule through 3DM or CLI. 003E Migration paused Event Type: Information Cause: Migration is paused. The Battery Backup Unit periodically evaluates the health of the battery and its ability to backup the 3ware RAID controller in case of a power failure. Tw_cli U asked 4 years ago viewed 18717 times active 3 years ago Linked 2 3Ware 9650SE is rebuilding RAID6 array with two degraded disks?

For non-redundant arrays (JBOD, RAID 0 and degraded arrays), drive ECC errors result in the 3ware RAID controller returning failed status to the associated host command. 027h DCB checksum error detected If the data becomes corrupted between the drive and the 3ware RAID controller (because of an intermittent or poor quality cable connection) the 3ware RAID controller detects this as a UDMA The fan’s performance or operation is now back within the acceptable range. Action: Replace the battery pack if warnings persist. 005D Battery health check failed Event Type: Error Cause: The Battery Backup Unit is not able to backup the 3ware RAID controller.

up vote 8 down vote favorite I've got a sad RAID array on a 3ware 9650SE-16ML card. Once a day, a non-destructive test is performed on the cache memory. So you want to be a sysadmin? Action: AMCC recommends verifying the unit. 0044 Battery voltage is normal Event Type: Information Cause: The battery pack voltage being monitored by the Battery Backup Unit fell outside of the acceptable

Action: The controller will report an error, even if the area of the source drive that had the error did not contain data. This may be an indication of a drive that is beginning to fail. The guy said untested and as is, and it's under warranty, so I was nice with his ebay rating. An enclosure fan has been turned off.

I left negative feedback. Your thoughts?16 points · 2 comments VMware tips and resources?15 points · 14 comments Providing users with secure web-based file-access3 points · 13 comments How to kindly ask IT to do something?4 points · 9 comments help with Google If you see it you may need a UPS or voltage regulator to stay within the recommended voltage range. 8042 Enclosure voltage under Event Type: Error Cause: Applies only to the The error type is not a time-out (000A) or uncorrected ECC (0026).

kernel: 3w-xxxx: scsi3: Command failed: status = 0xc4, flags = 0x43, unit #8 Dieser Fehler wird durch ein einen Befehl verursacht, wie z.b. For more information, see “Scheduling Background Tasks” on page 166. If it has failed, replace it. The 3ware RAID controller performs cache synchronization when system power is restored following a power failure.

Action: Return missing drive(s) to the controller so that the missing write data can be saved. 0050 Battery capacity test completed Event Type: Information Cause: The Battery Backup Unit has completed However, if the temperature is very cold, condensation can occur and cause media errors and damage. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites honold 0 Member Member 0 6204 posts Posted June 13, 2003 · Report post that failure rate is very abnormal