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Due To Error Ora-24761

ORA-25228 timeout or end-of-fetch during message dequeue from string.string Cause: User-specified dequeue wait time has passed or the end of the queue has been reached but no message has been retrieved. Action: This error should not normally occur. Action: The TEMPFILE has been taken offline. ORA-24328 illegal attribute value Cause: The attribute value passed in is illegal.

If it persists, contact your Oracle Customer Support. ORA-24355 attempt to store a negative number in an Unsigned Display type. ORA-24773: invalid transaction type flags Cause: OCI_TRANS_TIGHT or OCI_TRANS_LOOSE mode was not specified. ORA-25178 duplicate PCTTHRESHOLD storage option specification Cause: The storage option PCTTHRESHOLD is specified more than once.

The 10 days of Blogging past - 2014 Edition: Day 8... ORA-24311 memory initialization failed Cause: Cannot initialize user memory. ORA-24343 user defined callback error Cause: The only valid return value for a user defined callback function is OCI_CONTINUE.

Action: Verify that a define has been done for this position. ORA-24354 number fetched too large to fit in COBOL display type buffer. Action: Verify that the identifier is not in use. ORA-25005 cannot CREATE INSTEAD OF trigger on a read-only view Cause: Attempt to create an INSTEAD OF trigger on a view created with read-only option.

Note: Site best viewed at 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution Oracle8i Error MessagesRelease 8.1.5A67785-01 Library Product Contents Index 13 ORA-24280 to ORA-28658 ORA-24280 invalid input value for parameter ORA-24900 invalid or unsupported mode paramater passed in call Cause: The mode parameter passed into the OCI Client Notification call is incorrect. ORA-25190 an index-organized table maintenance operation may not be combined with other operations Cause: ALTER TABLE statement attempted to combine an index-organized table maintenance operation (for example, changing physical attributes) with http://theoracleemt.blogspot.com/2014/12/weblogic-timeout-settings-and-ora-24761.html Action: Local transactions may only be committed or rolled back.

Action: If data is written in pieces, then make sure that you do not provide more data in the pieces (cumulatively), than you indicated. Action: Contact customer support. ORA-25219 enqueue failed, sequence deviation not allowed for queue string.string Cause: An attempt was made to enqueue to a non-persistent queue with sequence deviation specified. GoodLevitation November 24, 2008 - 3:06 pm UTC Reviewer: Soe Naing from Deep Space-9, Bajor In our .Net application using CSLA framework, I'm using "TransactionalTypes.TransactionScope" attribute, and I don't think this

For more information about bind and define calls, see the index entries on "bind operation" and on "define operation" in the Programmer's Guide to the Oracle Call Interface, Volume II: OCI http://www.oracle-error.com/8i/ora-24761.html Action: Issue OCI define calls for the columns to be fetched. Action: Specify the number of times this statement must be executed. ORA-24301 null host specified in thread-safe logon Cause: An HDA was not specified in the logon call while running in a thread safe environment.

ORA-24808 streaming of lob data is not allowed when using lob buffering Cause: An attempt was made to stream LOB data via the polling mode or a callback when LOB buffering ORA-24366 migratable user handle is set in service handle Cause: This occurs during user authentication, a migratable user handle has been set in the service handle. tell us solution. ORA-24351: invalid date passed into OCI call Cause: An invalid date was passed into one of the OCI calls.

ORA-25186 INCLUDING clause specified for index-organized table without OVERFLOW Cause: INCLUDING clause of a CREATE TABLE is an valid option only for index-organized tables with OVERFLOW clause (at creation time) or Action: Execute a statement and then fetch the data. Action: Please invoke the OCIBindObject() or OCIDefineObject() call with a valid Type Descriptor Object. ORA-24378 user callbacks not allowed for this call Cause: An attempt was made to register a user callback for an OCI call for which it not allowed to register user callbacks.

Action: Specify a normal queue or a non-persistent queue. Action: Make sure that all multibyte character data is properly terminated. ORA-25188 cannot drop/disable/defer the primary key constraint for index-organized tables Cause: An attempt was made to DROP, DISABLE, or DEFER the primary key constraint for an index-only table.

ORA-25242 cannot change subscriber name from string to string without FIRST_MESSAGE option Cause: An attempt was made to change the subscriber name while using the NEXT_MESSAGE or NEXT_TRANSACTION option for dequeuing.

ORA-24329: invalid character set identifier Cause: The character set identifier specified is invalid. ORA-24366: migratable user handle is set in service handle Cause: This occurs during user authentication: a migratable user handle has been set in the service handle. Action: Commit, rollback or detach the existing transaction before starting a new transaction. ORA-00600/ORA-07445/ORA-03113 = Oracle bug => search on Metalink and/or call Oracle support Also you didn't answer to my questions.

Weekend Learning: R12 GL: Setup and usage of budge... Action: Specify a valid character set identifier in the OCI call. ORA-24752 OCI_TRANS_NEW flag must be specified for local transactions Cause: Application attempted to start a local transaction without using OCI_TRANS_NEW. ORA-25257 consumer must be specified with a multi-consumer queue Cause: An attempt was made to register on a multi-consumer queue without specifying a consumer in the subscription string.

ORA-24901 handles belonging to different environments passed into an OCI call Cause: All handles passed into an OCI call should belong to the same environment. Action: Set length to zero if connect string is NULL. Regards Michel Report message to a moderator Re: ORA-24761: transaction rolled back [message #382144 is a reply to message #382139] Wed, 21 January 2009 02:52 ram anand Messages: ORA-25252 listen failed, the address string is a non-persistent queue Cause: A non-persistent queue was specified as an address for an agent in the LISTEN call.

Action: Consult user manual to specify an attribute valid for this handle. ORA-24811 less data provided for writing than indicated Cause: While writing into a LOB, less data was provided than indicated. ORA-24353: user buffer too small to accommodate COBOL display type Cause: User supplied buffer for a COBOL display type was too small to accommodate fetched number. ORA-24359: OCIDefineObject not invoked for a Object type or Reference Cause: OCIDefineObject was not invoked resulting in an incomplete bind specification for a Object Type or Reference.

Action: Limit your operation to 255 columns. ORA-24375 Cannot use V6 syntax when talking to a V8 server Cause: V6 syntax is no longer supported in V8 server. This option may only be specified during CREATE/ALTER TABLE/CLUSTER/INDEX. Action: Check that the correct mode is selected and that an allowed value for that mode is specified.