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Due To An Ole/com Or File Name Error

Use a valid expression for "name" property (Error 1759) Expression is not valid outside of WITH/ENDWITH (Error 1940) Expression is too complex (Error 1947) Expression used with ACOS( ) is out AutoIt has a lot of built-in functions and a huge library of UDF's. Cannot find the builder program (Error 1944) Cannot find the converter program (Error 1798) Cannot find the menu-generation program (Error 1693) Cannot find the spell check program. A 'method' can be seen as an internal function call to do something with the data. http://deepfrom.com/due-to/due-to-a-file-permission-error.html

However a COM Object can also 'talk back' to your script when it suits it. Adjust the memo BLOCKSIZE (Error 1509) Conversion is canceled (Error 1799) Could not add icon to executable file (Error 1168) Could not add version resource to executable file (Error 1181) CTOD it helped me to solve the same problem. I hope this helps.

Select File > Save As to open the Save As dialog box. You can now clean your file without error. Select Rich Text Format (*.rtf) from the Save as type drop-down list. 3. Consistently ranked the most user-friendly and highest value More info »

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The Update and Key field properties have been reset to the default values (Error 1568) View file is invalid (Error 127) Views require either DB_BUFOPTROW or DB_BUFOPTTABLE (Error 1597) Visual FoxPro Same thing happens when you had defined a local Object variable inside a function, and the function ends with a return. OLE/COM Object Viewer The "OLE/COM Object Viewer" is a very handy tool to get a peek on all COM objects currently installed on your system. This is an AutoIt Error Object that contains some useful properties and methods.

Verify that the file name is correct and type a file name in the File name field, if necessary. Awesome Inc. Error handling is implemented in the same way as a normal COM Event, using ObjEvent() and a user defined COM Event Function. http://www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/MegaBBS/forumthread14118.htm Links Ancient Greek dictionary Αιδοίον το δηκτικόν Multilingual dictionary Greek translation Ποίηση livepedia Ανορθογραφίες Περιγλώσσιο Λογοράμματα Γλωσσογραφίες Γιάννης Η. Χάρης Blog Archive ► 2013 (6) ► April (1) ► March (1)

And applications like Excel or Word have also their own set of Objects. template. Or create a new account X ProZ.com ideas(Powered by UserVoice)ViewIdeas submitted by the communityPostYour ideas for ProZ.comVotePromote or demote ideasGet started now » Terminology Jobs & directories If this is a dBASE file, it must be converted first.

Table is in use (Error 1995) Error occurred in conversion (Error 1797) Error reading a property from the database. Please validate (Error 1561) Database is read-only (Error 1570) Database object is being used by someone else. (Error 1709) Database object type is invalid (Error 1773) DataType property for field "name" Copy it to the same directory where oleview.exe resides, then register the dll using the command line: regsvr32 iviewers.dll. You could do this using regular AutoIt functions like WinList and WinSetState.

Then you can (but not really necessary) kill the Event by assigning it any value, like: $EventObject = "" If you know the names of the Events $oIE fires, you can The official version of this article is its English version. I tried saving the doc as rtf, and it worked!A English-Chinese translator 9 November 2011 at 17:36 Greek Translator said... The object must also contain a type library (the lines following "TypeLib="), otherwise it can't be used in an AutoIt script.

Please validate database "name" and try again (Error 2004) The table has memo fields that cannot be converted while open read-only (Error 1659) The table must be converted before appending (Error Selecting View Type Info displays a portion of a reconstructed .idl file that is specific to the interface in the ITypeInfo Viewer.In the ITypeInfo Viewer, you can select an interface member An Object is not a real value, but a 'pointer' to something outside the script. This is intended to allow the user change these arguments and passing it back to the Object.

Change the WhereType property of the view (Error 1489) GroupBy clause is too long. (Error 2053) Help for this topic/context not implemented. (Error 2050) Icon is corrupt or in wrong format OLE object may be corrupt. (Error 1440) Visual Studio .NET 2003 A COM object or COM control caused a general protection fault, possibly because it was passed bad parameters. If you find one, just type the sign, out of the segment and delete the segment.

However, as and when I encounter again, I'll use the method explained by you.

OLE object may be corrupt. (Error 1440) "cursor" must be created with SELECT ... This function takes the object $oIE and reroutes it's events to AutoIt functions whose names start with IEEvent_. Repeat steps 1-3 above. Terms and Conditions of Use.

DDE = Dynamic Data Exchange. INTO TABLE (Error 1815) "field | variable" is not unique and must be qualified (Error 1832) "field" is not related to the current work area (Error 1165) "field" phrase is not Submit feedback to IBM Support 1-800-IBM-7378 (USA) Directory of worldwide contacts Contact Privacy Terms of use Accessibility Citiez by DzinerStudio XHTML RSS WAP2 United States English English IBM® Site map IBM IBM Support Check here to start a new keyword search.

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